Join the ship Salty Anne for a trip from Here to There and back, listen to sailor songs from all the world, performed as on the ship, with screaming seagulls, waves, storm and excitement. A hear-play with more than 30 unique traditional sea songs from all the world played by amazing Folkmusic Group RAA - six voices, more than 40 different instruments and clangs and lots of good mood and a fox in the back pocket... (Its all in Swedish, folks, but the music and songs are astonning!)

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Musikgruppen RAA: En sjöman kan må illa/A Sailor can be seasick

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Kammarmusik-Nytt: "With an irresistable and beautifully crafted booklet in your hand, this only is worth the price, we follow Musikgruppen RAA through 34 happenings during this trip from Close to Far Away and back with the Brig Salty Anne in the year 1899. The ship is loaded with a suitable song, an old song from second last century bids the loved ones farewell and we are off on a long journey. The story has a very genuine touvh, you are more than willing to join the trip as one track of the CD seamlessly blends over to the next.".


1. I hamnen 115
2. Konrad och Stina 050
3. Hivningssång 058
4. Adjö, farväl 121
5. Nu seglar du din kos 100
6. Jan, kasta loss 124
7. Dags att ge sig av 132
8. In från oceanen 157
9. En sjöman kan må illa 220
10. Hivningstrall 223
11. Vackre gosse 243
12. Valfångsten 137
13. Till Brasilien ska vi dra 216
14. En lantman 314
15. Fiskarnas sång 206
16. Fest ombord 154
17. Två systrar 350
18. Jungfruns ö 302
19. Flygande Holländaren 502
20. Sjöjungfrun Stina 102
21. Sjömansgrav 257
22. Konrads kråkhopp 104
23. Tornering 350
24. Tiöring skramla på 226
25. Skeppsdans 255
26. Jan, kasta loss igen 024
27. Stormen och Kung Neptun 503
28. Trasig fiskebåt 213
29. Piraterna 416
30. Bröderna Martin 241
31. Hav, o hav 315
32. En vän att lita på 323
33. Vi rullar hem 114
34. Trela 215
total: 7957

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