GASON cd 702 - OT AZóJ!

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Songs in Jiddish - a music tradition with hundreds of years´ history - here presented as a selection of both traditional and newly written melodies and texts. We are invited to journey a jiddish style life, from childhood via courting, wedding feast, ageing, and not even excluding death and political partisans. An ensemble of musicians that know the tradition, the language and the style takes us onto an interesting, amazing experience.

Anders Bergin, Renata Biterman, Basia Frydman
Katarina Hellgren, Anne Kalmering, Estera Katz
Bert Kolker, Allan Scharf, Jane Tovman, Mánja Waltman

Anders Bergin, piano, Norbert Bango, double bass
Anna Braun, piano, Rimma Gotskosik, violin
Katarina Hellgren, guitar, Christer Langborn, guitar
Miriam Oldenburg, accordion, Mirek Wojcik, clarinet

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Trad. Di Sapózhkelach (soloist: Anne Kalmering)
(good quality mono)

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Magazine Menorah: " Fifteen evergreens and four new songs performed by ten well-known voices, among them Basia Frydman, Anne Kalmering, Bert Kolker and Katarina Hellgren, together with great musicians, reminds me of a lost, but somehow re-explored jewish culture, where feelings and fates are expressed in sometimes a smiling, sometimes a sad, but always warm and human way. "


1. A mol iz gevén a máise 2:32
2. Ich hob mamelóshn farlórn 3:05
3. Vi amól iz gevén 2:34
4. Papirósn 3:31
5. Di sapózhkelach 3:26
ó. Réizele 2:32
7. Góldene líchtlach 3:38
8. Lómir zich íberbetn 1:43
9. Chosn-kále mazl tov 1:45
10. Ítsik hot chásene gehát2:51
11. Díre-gelt 1:48
12. Main rúeplats 3:06
13. A brívele der mámen 3:28
14. Móishele main fraind 4:06
15. áchtsik er, un zibetsik zi 1:45
16. Zol zain shólem 2:39
17. Vu voint líbe? 2:35
18. Shtil, di nacht iz óísgeshternt 3:27
19. Zog nit keinmol2:00
Total: 53'03

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